Why use video for Social Media?
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Beautiful video is nothing without an audience. From TVCs to Instagram, video content seeking a wider audience needs to be readily available to everyone. If it’s not accessible on different platforms, content has a limited reach to only a fraction of its potential viewership. Statistics show that 73% of the public use more than one of the ‘big eight’ social platforms (Pew Research 2018). Your content needs to have a similar span.

Optimising video for social media does not stop at altering frames and formats. Most marketers planning a video campaign recognise the varying technical requirements of each platform. Different platforms serve different demographics, one style no longer fits all. When cross-platform content is specifically tailored to thrive in its respective formats, it can be a gift that keeps giving for both creator and audience.

We at S&B aren’t the only ones who see value in a concurrent customised campaign. Research shows that integrated campaigns see a 31% increase in effectiveness in their impact on brand objectives. This number rises to 57% when the same campaign is customised for each integrated platform (Kantar Millward Brown 2018). Video tailored technically and thematically to suit the channel’s audience sees huge ROIs to minimal investment, making your raw content go even further.

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