Why TV advertising isn’t dead
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For the past decade, it’s been clear that the face of TV advertising is changing. In the midst of an unprecedented worldwide uptake of online streaming platforms, traditional TVC advertising has had to change up the way it operates to face the ongoing shift in how viewers choose to consume their media. This is not to say TV is a dying medium – in over a decade of doom-and-gloom surrounding the prospective sustainability of the medium, television viewing has remained strong having reportedly only an average loss of 15 minutes viewing time. That takes the average TV viewing time down to a whopping 3 hours and 23 minutes a day. Like Radio before it, it is clear TV is not going to be scared off by newer platforms anytime soon.

So with a viewership still loyal, how exactly is TV advertising changing from its well-established heritage? The key is in the mediums ever-growing value for money. TV currently finds itself offering terrific value for money per view, approximately £5.06 per thousand (28.6% cheaper in real terms than 10 years ago) and with diverse and incisive opportunity to highly target viewing demographics. TV remains unrivaled when it comes to cultural ubiquity, with a reported 17 million conversations about TV advertising every evening in the UK (BARB/Thinkbox) well-developed TV adverts remain a talking point amongst the British public, organically increasing reach and retention across the board. With this level of market penetration, companies integrating TV into a multi-platform digital campaign are seeing huge returns from the increased visibility, a factor that is making online businesses currently the biggest investors in TV advertising. With TV advertising as part of your integrated marketing plan, you can bring the biggest video viewing demographic straight to your digital doorstep.

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