The emotional impact of TV advertising
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It’s well known that video adverts can have a huge emotional impact and build brand fame. As advertising goes it’s the most likely to make you laugh and the most liked. Think Levis, Nike and Guinness. You might not buy any of these products, but you’ll certainly know (if not love) the brands and their inspiring, funny and iconic adverts.

The first step to creating effective videos is to decide what you want your audience to feel. Is it empathy, do you want them to give? Do you want them to feel the potential joy a new piece of furniture could bring them? What’s the purpose of your film?

The strategy behind every film should be finding a clear emotion that you believe will lead to a person taking action. According to current research, there are two main paths that your audience will take post-viewing: sharing the content or buying the product/ buying into the brand. Whilst your aim may be anywhere from building brand awareness to gaining hot leads, these two pathways (action/ purchase) are a good start. Don’t underestimate the power of a memorable emotional impact to drive business success.

Visualized Emotions

In Barry Feig’s book Hot Button Marketing: Push the Emotional Buttons That Get People to Buy, he uncovered 16 emotional opportunities that drive conversion:

1. Desire for control
2. I’m better than you
3. Excitement of discovery
4. Revaluing
5. Family values
6. Desire to belong
7. Fun is its own reward
8. Poverty of time
9. Desire to get the best
10. Self-achievement
11. Sex, love, romance
12. Nurturing response
13. Reinventing oneself
14. Make me smarter
15. Power, dominance and influence
16. Wish-fulfilment

According to a recent paper from the University of London, music affects how we see visual images. Depending on the music that accompanies the image of a human face, the research proved that we can find a face shows a different range of emotion to that perceived by viewing the face alone. Colours, like music, are similarly evocative. And if emotions are all-powerful in your marketing efforts then the use of colour, music and human faces combined is a winning combo (this is why video works so well and creative production studios work with this insight in mind).

The creative process

We are well versed in making films for TV and work closely with our friends at Mostly Media who use a platform called TV Squared to place your company’s marketing messages in front of as many potential customers as possible, as cost-effectively as possible. In short, we listen, provide insight and creative solutions, bring in the right skills and expertise for your project and work within your budgets and to deadlines to enhance the way your emotional impact on your audience. We also work with a platform called Peach that helps larger campaigns when delivering to multiple platforms, stay organised and in one place.

It is increasingly important to have a rounded video marketing campaign that encompasses all platforms for promotion. We call this a circular content strategy and we work with our clients to create this so there are no missed opportunities in their content calendar. Organizing and planning your campaigns ahead of time means that you can make the most from your video collateral.

Circle of Video Marketing Collateral

What’s a circular content plan?

When we’re in the development process with our clients before we start producing their films, we sit down and have a chat about their marketing campaigns, content plan and events calendar. With them thinking and planning ahead, and our creative heads on the job, we help them get the most from the video collateral we produce.

Being aware of their needs going forward and working together on how to integrate video into their marketing means they get more bang for their buck. We can shoot what’s required in a more time-efficient way, and we can “log, tag and store” the footage in a way that’ll make it faster to create further films or cuts for them, in line with their campaigns in the future. Saving them money and helping them keep their content fresh, high-quality and consistently on-brand. (Video works brilliantly for internal comms as well as marketing and social media!)


Capturing high-quality stills when we’re filming, allowing you to make the most of print opportunities such as flyers / local press/billboards and to keep blog posts and websites updated with high-quality photos.

Social media campaigns

Targeted and boosted adverts or content across a wide range of platforms. This can be paid for Facebook or Google ads or social cuts of the main film made for specific platforms (platform-specific content, i.e. square films for Instagram has been shown to have the highest levels of engagement). They don’t all have to be planned, we can create a bank of content to draw on responsively, so when the moment arises a brand has something to add at exactly the right time.

Adsmart ( adverts

Super targeted TV advertising from Sky; can be used in conjunction with Social Media ads to make the most of double screening opportunities.


Targeted emails/ MailChimp campaigns (that can include snippets of video) to businesses and associated partners. (Our most recent MailChimp campaign incorporated video and had an open rate of over 60%).

When creating video content with us, we offer our expert advice on how to optimize your content across all platforms, maximizing your emotional impact on your consumers. We can guide you through the ‘Circular Content plan’ and bring your marketing campaign to life.

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