Team content shares // week 47
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Each week we gather together to discuss the content we’ve seen that has moved, inspire, frustrate or maybe baffle us – basically, make us feel something. We think it’s a good thing to share amazing content when we find it (with a few words on why). 




Dinosaur looks at the camera funny

IKEA – Silence the critics

Team member Adam


Discovered by Adam

I like this advert as it puts an alternative spin on the content we might usually expect to see at this time of year. I particularly like the combination of popular music, voiced through a collection of retro household items and trinkets.


It made me genuinely laugh. The idea of an impromptu trip to my local IKEA also made its way into my weekend plans. Ironically, I really liked one of the ‘critic’ items (the porcelain reindeer from the coffee table). Sorry.




A lady looks out of the window at a new carVauxhall – The New Astra

S&B team member DuncanDiscovered by Duncan

I chose to share this example because I think it was a high-risk strategy to remake a classic ad. The production agency behind this one, Partizan, have used the same sassy soundtrack from Etta James and a grading technique to mimic the aged output of original. The interchangeable sense of old and new work well to emulate advancement in technology but the same output; all the excitement and performance with (no) fewer downsides.


Well, it was an attention grabber. Passively hearing less than a second of the accompanying soundtrack was enough to create a nostalgic moment. Once hooked by the audio, I was intrigued to know what ad was about and which brand it was for. Strategically, I thought it was very clever, despite it containing a slightly uninspiring car (sorry, cars aren’t my thing). Then again, how exciting is a can of drink?


A picture of a taxidermy bordStuffed – The Art of Taxidermy

Team remember JeremyDiscovered by Jeremy

Ok, bear with me for this share. I feel this piece of content take on a topic that I would imagine the majority of people would see, at best, as controversial. However, it’s commonly referred to as an art form and is still present in many of our most loved historical institutes, such as the natural history museum. Subject matter aside, for a moment, it’s been shot in such a cinematic way. The lighting alone is stunning. Also, the narrative of the piece seemed to delve beyond what we see on-screen by hearing the back story and passion of the taxidermists.


It left me with the feeling that it is, in fact, an art form, built from respect for wildlife. Ultimately, taxidermy has aided with our understanding of the natural world (which blows me away).



We aim to publish our finds weekly, so please feel free to come back whenever you like. In the meantime, why not check out our Pinterest Board for more inspiration.

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