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With currently 1.65 billion active social media users globally, a marketing campaign not utilising the single largest user base that has ever existed is scarcely a campaign at all. Of these 1.65 billion users, 95% of adults aged between 18-34 follow at least one brand on at least one platform, meaning the modern adult has begun to seek out advertising from trusted businesses.

With 40 million active small businesses on Facebook alone however, it never hurts to have a bit of professional help to get your voice heard by the right customer. Video content in the social media landscape has become an indispensable tool in reaching an extended audience, with visual content has been proven by Brandwatch to be 40 times more likely to be shared by a user across almost all social platforms. With this sort of knowledge commonplace amongst marketers, successful cross-platform video campaigns much not only be platform appropriate, but be optimised for each social feed to have chance at contending with the months of video content uploaded every hour.

The team here at Suited & Booted Studios has long known the importance of a concurrent multi-platformed social media campaign and, quite frankly, we’ve got good at it. When most people think of social media marketing their thoughts instantly go to Facebook and Twitter. We at Suited & Booted Studios however help you create video and graphic content for all manner of platforms to suit your brand’s unique needs, utilising everything from Instagram to Snapchat, from Periscope to Blab, and from Youtube to Facebook Live. We will use our years of online marketing experience to advise you on social stratagem, properly targeting posts so they can realise their full potential, concurrently managing cross-platform campaigns, and much more, helping your business tap into the largest and most exciting marketing resource that has ever existed.

Why not contact us to chat through your social media marketing needs or just to pick our brains about social media stratagem. Email Us | +44 (0)1225 338294

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