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Infographics are digital footage and/or animation technology used to quickly and sharply tell key facts in a video or document, often with added animation effects to create the illusion of motion or rotation.

By combining different creative elements like typography, illustration, logos and shapes which are animated or moved you can bring a message to life in a way that is visually engaging for the audience.

So why use infographics?  Well in some situations, such as trade shows or on display screens where you need to make an impact without using sound, infographics are the perfect tool. Using a infographic GIF portraying data or processes within your social media or email campaign can really bring to life static content in all formats. However, you don’t need to confine infographics to these platforms. Infographics can be used to illustrate a particular point in your film or to drive home your message and brand. Infographics can be particularly useful in science and technology or educational films as they can be used to explain complex or technical issues.

Our post production team are not only extremely skilled in this area, but also pride themselves on finding creative ways of using Infographics to enhance your message. Do you think a motion graphics piece is the right way to get your message out? Give us a call to discuss how we can help. Email Us | +44 (0)1225 338294

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