Video Production Company Work

The S&B team have a wealth of experience in all aspects of documentary video production, from story development through to delivery.
We pride ourselves on producing documentary content that focuses on discovering interesting stories alongside beautiful cinematic visuals.
We believe an engaging documentary should always provoke an emotion, leaving people feeling moved or inspired. Personal stories are a powerful tool that bring struggles or achievements to life communicated in an thought provoking format.

Canon Ambassador Series

Our Canon documentary series tells the stories of a number of professional photographers across the UK. The series focuses on finding the perfect shot and using Canon’s specialist kit to achieve this.
The documentary series is part of a bigger world wide campaign with Canon and their ambassadors.

ZeroAvia Documentary

ZeroAvia aims to help aviation achieve a 100 percent reduction in emissions by 2050. The company isn’t just targeting carbon emissions, they also want to tackle nitrogen oxides, high temperature water vapour and particulate emissions produced by planes.

The solution? Hydrogen fuel cells. ZeroAvia’s vision is to replace turbine engines with hydrogen that will be converted into electricity by fuel cells. The result could be noiseless, zero emission aircraft.

Education 4.0 Documentary

We produced ‘Jisc Education 4.0 transforming the future of education’ for Jisc. We spoke with the pioneers in education across the UK, who are shaping the way our classrooms will look in the future.

UoB PPE Documentary

When the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic locked down the world, communities and businesses came together to make a change. 
The University of Bath PPE Documentary shows how the engineering department produced PPE for local hospitals and communities.

Powering People

Jisc’s Powering People series brings to life the stories of members of Jisc’s community. 

From the highlands of Scotland to the UK Medical Heritage Library, we covered the UK to find how digital technology is transforming the way people work and learn.

Letter to my younger self

Working with young people from CAMHS participation group in Bath we produced this short film to help young men who may be struggling with their mental health.
A letter to my younger self was developed around the idea that sometimes you wish you knew then what you know now. The young men who created the film felt that they had missed part of their adolescence because they suffered in silence.

We all hope that this film will help people understand that in speaking about their problems they find a way through.