Animation Production

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Our Animation Production Studio produces high-end motion graphics; 2D and 3D animation. If you need to tell a tricky tale or convey complex information, animation is your media. 

Quirky, creative, you name it, we’ll make it. And as a universal format, it doesn’t need a set language, gender or cultural background to be a hit. Take a look at the animation production studio services we offer below…

(e)co Garden AR Animation

We are specialists in 3D animation & 3D motion graphics. We’ve been producing engaging video content for brands, publishers and agencies globally in 360, VR and AR.
Jisc’s (e)co garden was a collaborative, augmented learning experience where delegates worked together to cultivate a virtual garden. 

Around the garden were educational films on tech’s impact on the environment.

My Walking Bus 2D Animation

2D animation production is exactly what it says on the tin, a colourful, vibrant and fun style of video with two dimensional graphics and text to tell your story in an engaging and appealing way. 
A truly memorable film-style, animation quickly wins over the hearts and minds of its audience.

Our Walking Bus animation was designed to be fun and engaging with school children across the South West to encourage sustainable travel. The animation was part of a larger tool kid of videos, which were aimed at parents and teachers.

Cats Protection Animation

We created this charming animation for Cats Protection about their partnership with Wood for Trees, who specialise in optimising data management and analysis for charities.

This is a perfect example of animation being used to explain complex systems in a way that is easy to understand. 

Data Control GDPR Explainer

Our highly skilled animators are experts in creative solutions but sometimes, the most effective approach is to keep it simple. Kinetic text animation, or animated text to you and me is an increasingly popular approach to telling your story.

Bath Spa University wanted an eye catching, effective way to communicate with their student audiences. This GDPR Explainer is a fantastic example of a cost effective and simple animation to achieve maximum impact.

Curo Agile Repairs Character Animation

We use animation, characters and motion graphics to help manufacturers, service companies and public sector organisations inform and educate their audiences.
Another fantastic examples of character led animation is, Curo Agile Repairs. The 2D animation was designed to help spread the message of a new simplified service on offer. 

The animation production, voiced by Curo employees, uses humour and abstract imagery to get the message across in a fun and accessible way.

MiPermit Animation

Our corporate video animation service makes the impossible, possible!
This 2D animation uses informative 2D line drawings and on-screen animated text to bring to life

Using the client’s brand colours and style guide, the text and animations work together in harmony to take the viewer on a seamless journey.