Nostalgia and the Future

Team chats | Tech

It seems like just moment ago that AI was only capable of generating human hands with a crazy amount of fingers, or a slightly unnerving video featuring a vague likeness of Will Smith shovelling spaghetti into his mouth. 

But fast forward to February, and the landscape has shifted dramatically. On February 15th, Open AI unveiled Sora, a new text-to-video tool capable of producing astonishingly high quality video that is far superior to the crude attempts of earlier models. 

It feels like every week there’s more and more new tech to get excited about, our ‘team sharing’ Slack channel is full of the latest AI oddities. Of course we’re constantly looking into the latest editing softwares and filming equipment, but we also encounter some pretty cool stuff out on shoots too…

From pothole-repairing robots to AI that can monitor the behaviour of cows, we really have seen some niche new tech that is improving our world bit by bit. The nature of our work as a video production company means that we’re constantly coming into contact with new and emerging technology – we’re lucky enough to work with organisations such as Jisc, UKRI and various universities which means that we get an insight into the latest innovations in science, technology and beyond. 

It’s a really fun perspective which Jamie (our senior editor) summarises really well. He always says he becomes almost like an expert in really niche subjects for however long it takes him to edit that video. So one week he may have a gained a great depth of knowledge into autonomous vehicles, and the next he’d be able to tell you all the best places to Visit in Kent, or answer the question “what on earth is ice pigging?”. It wildly varies depending on the subject matter of the video. 

As we are so enveloped and interested in this world of tech, it’s natural that we’re constantly chatting about it all within the office. Not only do we speculate about the future, we also look back at the past and excitedly recount the gadgets and gizmos of our childhoods.  

We put each of the team in the spotlight to share their thoughts…

looking back

Everyone loves to reminisce. We all pulled together our memories of that first time we were really wowed by tech, or even just a prominent piece of technology we remembered when growing up. It’s really interesting to see what sticks with people – some of the items were quite random! 

looking forwards

Although the future of tech can seem overwhelming and incomprehensible at times, it is so important to maintain a positive attitude.

Initially we all tried to think of individual pieces or areas of technology that we’re excited to see advance, but as you’ll see pretty much all of us found ourselves talking on a much broader scale – tech is going to impact our lives so much that it’s hard to focus on just one device!