Small Video
Huge Impact

case study | automotive tech

A pothole-repairing robot? We know, it sounds like something out of a futuristic comedy sketch… We promise it’s real!

The brains behind this creation are Robotiz3d, one of the four SME’s currently on Zenzic’s “CAM Scale-Up UK” programme which is developing connected and automated mobility (CAM) technology to ensure a safer, more secure, sustainable transport future. These SME’s receive funding to enable them to test their technology at some of the UK’s leading facilities and bring their products closer to the market. We were commissioned by Zenzic to create video content to showcase the work of Robotiz3d and its impressive capabilities. 

A customer of Robotiz3d came to Zenzic for video support to assist them with upcoming press work. They had interest from major publications but needed the video and photo content to make sure they got the traction. It was a great PR opportunity for them – potholes are universally hated so this innovative solution would go down a storm.

We had recently filmed for Zenzic and had plenty of footage of Robotiz3d’s technology in action, of course we were happy to help. News and media opportunities such as this one have a very short window to react. If you don’t have the footage or the images ready to provide straight away, sadly you’ve missed your chance!

Robot detecting cracks in pavement, autonomous technology created by Robotiz3d to imptove the condition of roads and prevent potholes

(Above) Robotiz3d’s technology in action

Due to our efficient workflow setup we already knew where the perfect shots were so we were able to give them the assets they needed with just a few clicks – in the midst of editing the longer video for Zenzic, we pulled out some B-roll shots to be used for press work. 

It took just a few hours of our time, but it really was worth it.  

Zenzic’s media consultants estimated that this content been exposed to an audience of around 51 million pairs of eyes through the various platforms it had been shared across, which is about £1.3m advertising value equivalency! Featuring press included the BBC, Sky News, and Channel 4, as well as news outlets in Europe.  

(Above) Video released by Channel 4 News featuring Robotiz3d’s product 

It’s amazing to see how much of an impact just a little B-roll clip can have. So it really is worth considering how you can extract every ounce of value from your content and ensure you can quickly access it to make the most of opportunities as they occur. 

This robotic roadworker may not have debuted in any sci-fi films, but it did have its moment of fame! Hopefully we’ll soon be spotting this technology keeping our roads in much better condition. 

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