University of Bath – 50th Anniversary
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University of Bath – 50th Anniversary
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University of Bath 50th Anniversary

Commissioned by University of Bath

In a Nutshell.

The University of Bath wanted to produce a short film to celebrate some of their key achievements over the last 50 years and show how they are looking to the future with their world class research.

Our Approach.

The team at the University of Bath identified ground breaking and impactful research stories.

From these our creative team worked to develop a script that showcased these and highlight their impact on both the wider world and undergraduate students who are studying there now.

We knew we would only have limited time with each academic and student so developing a studio style shoot where we capture what we needed in a short space of time was the perfect solution.

We used non standard framing of the subjects and beautiful graphics to illustrate the research.

Due to the films modular nature we were also able to create short 20 second edits for use on social media platforms meaning the client got maximum impact for their budget.

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