University of Bath – Alumni Gold Scholarship
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University of Bath Alumni Gold Scholarship

Commissioned by the University of Bath


In a Nutshell

The alumni department of the University wanted to make more alumni aware of their Gold Scholarships and the impact donating into this scheme has on it recipients .


Our Approach


We worked closely with the alumni department to find a suitable person, who had an inspirational story, and would not have been able to attend university without the scholarship. Steph, who features in the film, has been on a really interesting and inspiring journey within her university career and this resulted in a very moving, powerful film. The film was launched on the university’s website and proved very effective for the alumni department, by ensuring that more people were aware of the scholarships which The University of Bath offers and driving people to enquire about and apply for such scholarships.
“It has genuinely moved a lot of people and it’s helping us raise good money for our Gold Scholarships Programme too  – thank you” – Rachel Skerry, Alumni Communications Manager, University of Bath



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