TrueSpeed – True Stories
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TrueSpeed – True Stories
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TrueSpeed, True stories.

Commissioned by TrueSpeed.

In a Nutshell.

As a new provider of high-speed internet to rural communities TrueSpeed wanted to increase brand awareness of both the company and the service.

They had a variety of needs which together with their branding agency they had identified video as the best medium to assist with.

Our Approach

We needed to show that TrueSpeed are a different type of internet provider, mainly because they have a more open and honest approach around their service. They are also offering a true fibre to property internet connection, something very few providers offer.

Truth and honesty were really coming across to us and so we wanted to go with a more documentary style piece, telling real customers stories of their experience of the service.

We filmed with several customers and produced several pieces that were designed to be used in presentation settings and on social media.

Alongside these we produced a series of animated FAQ’s and some presenter led introductions to the service which we were able to produce quickly to ensure that TrueSpeed had content as soon as possible.

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