TravelWest – Active Travel to School
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TravelWest – Active Travel to School
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Active travel to school

Commissioned by Travelwest

In a Nutshell.

As part of their sustainable travel to school scheme Travelwest approached us to create a series of short aimed at both parents and children to educate them about the advantage of travel by bus when the children are in secondary school.

Our Approach.

We worked with the marketing team to establish the target audience, the message and how they would be engaging with this audience.
The films needed to appeal to children who were transitioning from primary to secondary school and had to answer the questions and challenge the barriers most parents have about their children catching the bus. To do this we spoke to year 7 students about their experiences.

We chose to create the films as animations, which gave us flexibility in production time as we didn’t have to source young actors or locations.  Using animation also allowed us to tie into the successful “what’s your number” marketing campaign aimed at promoting wider bus use in the Travelwest region.

We highlighted 4 key areas that needed addressing to show how easy, regular and cost effective it is to use the bus to travel to school and at the same time give some hints and tips for planning journeys.

The Result.

The marketing team knew that using video was a versatile way to get their message across.
The animations are used on their website but also at school events and sustainable travel conferences and community days.
We knew that using animated video is a great way to engage a wide audience, stay on brand with the rest of the campaign and create an engaging content marketing tool.

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