STEM Showreel
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Suited & Booted Studios STEM showreel

Suited & Booted Studios STEM showreel

One of our founders, Chris Kemp, has a Doctorate in Chemistry which means that as a video production company we are familiar with the language and working practices within the science and technology industry.  This experience has made us one of the first choices for manufacturers, science communicators or research scientists across the UK.

As the preferred video supplier for one of the top universities in the country you can be confident that we understand the constraints of producing films within a working science and technology environment.

As with any successful company in the 21st centary it is vital that science and technology manufactures keep their customers informed about the latest piece of technology or innovations and video is the perfect way to do this.

For multinational science and technology companies, film can be a key tool for internal communications. Keeping a workforce spread across several locations around the world up to date with company branding, messaging and general communications.

We are also experienced in working with research scientists who want to use film to disseminate their research to colleagues, but also in making it accessible to wider audiences.

As a production company with knowledge of not only working within the science and technology sector but also working with people who may be uncertain about the process of making or presenting a film, we have become the perfect choice for creating engaging STEM communications.

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