Pink Lady Apples
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Pink Lady Apples

Commissioned by McCann, Bristol


In a Nutshell

We were approached by McCann’s to create a youtube pre-roll advert, showing how enjoyable and delicious Pink Lady apples are.


Our Approach


As this film was primarily going to be used in pre-rolls on YouTube, we knew it was imperative to hook the audience in right from the get-go! Audiences are becoming increasingly impatient and short on time, so we know that this is an important part of the process.


McCann had a basic concept for the ad that complimented the main campaign. Our director developed this concept not only thinking about the creative approach but keeping in mind the consumer demographic. We felt swing dance had the right mix of fun and gave us the scope to play with the styling of the film, and allowed the director and dancer to choreograph a piece that bought out the feeling that the agency wanted for the film. The McCann team were really clever about their placement of the ad and at the time of writing it has had over 750 thousand views.

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