Jisc Powering People – Shetland
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Jisc Powering People – Shetland
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Powering People – Shetland

Commissioned by Jisc.
As part of the Powering People campaign.

In a Nutshell.

This film is one of a series of films we have produced for Jisc as part of the Powering People campaign, designed to show case some of the inspirational work being achieved by their members.

This campaign was also a move towards softening their brand, which in the past had focused on the facts and figures around their work and not on the human impact.

Our Approach.

As a long term client we know what a visionary and impactful organisation Jisc are.  They provide digital solutions to the UK education and research sectors and their technologies and partnerships have unlocked the potential of many international projects, and underpinned huge technological advancements.
Up to now their messaging had been focused on the technical aspect and the cost implications for their customers.  They had engaged mainly with the decision makers within the institutions they support.  As their use of social media grew they realised that they could also provide inspiration for their members by telling their stories. Showing how Jisc are powering people to succeed and innovate within educational institutions.
This human element to the films is key to showing aspects of the Jisc service without shouting about it.

The approach we took was to create cinematic feeling documentaries that had honesty to them.  Using documentary techniques we captured free-flowing narratives that appear spontaneous and unscripted giving a natural feel to the narrative, combined with stunning visuals.

We filmed in 8 different locations across the UK from the University of the Highlands and Islands in the Shetland Isles to the Royal College of Music in London.
Our trust with the client and collaborators and our experience of filming non actors in natural locations allowed us to generate the footage we needed quickly and efficiently, putting our subjects at ease and with the minimum impact on the institutions.

The Results.

We’re incredibly proud of what we achieved with this campaign for our client.
It has set a new tone for future work and has generated the largest audience figures that their video content has ever seen.

We were thrilled to see how the digital marketing team at Jisc really worked to use these films across their social media channels. They really understood that with so much wonderful content on the internet, just hoping people will look at Youtube is no longer the way to engage your audience.

We provided the client had SRT transcripts and they seeded Facebook advertising to gain over 13,000 views for this one film alone.

All the films in this series can be seen here

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