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DiscoverDelicious.Wales is an online marketplace like no other. It is purely focused on selling the best of Welsh produced food and drink.


Working on its consumer launch, those very talented folk over at AgencyUK developed a strategy that covers TV, social and online content to ensure as wide a reach as possible for this new brand.
They know that one of the best ways to really show off the producers and their products is through video so they came to us with a script for the TVC and a tight deadline.


We worked with their creative team to bring their vision to life and ensure it went smoothly across all aspects of production including broadcast compliance via Clearcast and delivery to channel via Honeycomb.


We not only delivered and AgencyUK  a TVC they are incredibly proud of, but we also worked really hard to shoot additional footage that could be repurposed for social media cuts that could be used to support the launch of the TVC.
Helping AgencyUK ensure their well crafted launch looked as good as all that food tastes.


Projects like this really play to our strengths as a company.
Experienced directors and camera crew needed? Tick

Want beautiful footage and a cracking edit? Tick.

Need your production to run smoothly? Tick

Gotta get it through Clearcast and delivered to channels? Tick.

Need a creative team to collaborate with to bring out the best in your script and product?  Big tick!

We are very proud to have been part of the journey, if you are an agency or company and want to know how we can help ensure you reach your audience through moving image production, call us for a chat.


Follow this link to watch the film

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