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Each week we gather together to discuss the things we’ve seen that move us, inspire us, frustrate us or maybe baffle us – basically, make us feel something. We think it’s a good thing to share amazing content when we find it (with a few words on why). 



Couple kiss on the London Underground

Candid moments – BBC

S&B team member Jamie


From Jamie

I discovered a visual look back at life underground, on the BBC news channel. More specifically, the content within the article takes us on a journey of those moments London’s underground rail network (the tube) captured by photographer Mike Goldwater.


We love the nostalgic look back at love, desperation, youthful attitude and adventure, portrait through grainy black and white photos. 






Amazon Echo actress looks out of the window


S&B team member Duncan


From Duncan

Amazon doesn’t need an awful lot of help from me to raise their brand awareness – in fact, that’s why I liked this advert. You see, this piece of content highlights the everyday challenges some people face to do the simplest of things. They have illustrated this in a very clever way by showing us what we expect from an Amazon Eco advert but then challenging our thoughts by throwing in a curveball AND helping the hard-working charity, RNIB to create cut-through.


I never really stopped to think about how I would do that without my sight, mostly because I am incredibly fortunate not to have to. But that doesn’t mean it might not happen to me, and that in my fortunate position, I should be able to help others.





Child actress in Ovarian Cancer TV advertOvarian Cancer UK

S&B team member Annabel


From Annabel

In this piece of content, we’re being told about our future by young Girls, who arguably lack the ability not to speak their minds. The message is delivered using the lyrics from ‘I will survive’ a song released in 1978 – creating an instant connection to people between 40 – 50 (those most at risk). The video carries a positive message demonstrating our understanding of the condition is better condition; identifying it at an early stage, prevention and treatment. We’re in a position to take on ovarian cancer and win.


I felt genuinely empowered by this video. It gives me a tremendous amount of hope for the future.



We aim to publish our finds weekly, so please feel free to come back whenever you like. In the meantime, why not check out our Pinterest Board for more inspiration.

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