So after we’ve produced content for you, what do you suppose happens to it after we say ‘until next time’?

For many companies, it’s stored away in a folder by the project’s manager until it one day might be needed again. Job done. The only issue is, when will that day be? Will the video be in an obsolete format? What happened to the uncut versions? Will it be easily accessible from outside of that manager’s hard drive? Will you even be able to find it again?

Suited & Booted Studios are proud to announce our newest service of curated data archiving in a central repository. Using meta-data tagging software and careful curation by our team, past projects you undertake with Suited & Booted Studios will have the option of not only archiving the finished products provided to you, but also providing supporting video clips, scripts, meeting notes, storyboards, and anything else you could possibly need years after the project has wrapped. The whole archive will be searchable using sophisticated meta-data tags outlining titles, descriptions, content and more, with the option to include additional tags to suit your needs.

Not only will the data be tagged, sorted, and readily accessible by you, our team will also work to keeping all our archived data in a current, usable, and useful format so it is ready to be used at the drop of a hat. This allows any user to be able to repurpose finished or excess footage the same day it is delivered to them from the archive, future proofing your investment and allowing you to re-use and reprocess footage for new campaigns.

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