Your Park - Our Park


Parks are so much more than communal spaces. They provide places to play, chat, people watch, walk the dog, sip a coffee… To help them stay special for everyone, the Parks Foundation created Your Park, an initiative to support fundraising and volunteering across Bath and Bristol.

The brief

Like all new ventures, driving awareness is critical. Our role was to create online and social film content for Your Park that would inspire people to roll up their sleeves and do their bit to support the local green spaces they love.

Video Production Company Marketing Agency Bristol Bath and Bristol Parks - Your Park
Video Production Company Marketing Agency Bristol Your Park Film Animation Video Production

The thinking

We proposed a community-based story approach to the films – think Humans of New York – real but gentle and down to earth. We felt, if we listened to the stories, memories and feelings of the volunteers, we could capture the very essence and emotion of their favourite place, the park.

The output

We created a short feel-good film showing the different ways people use their parks – and the wellbeing benefits that go with it. We stimulated the senses, using a technique called Auto Sensory Meridian Response. And appealed to the emotions with a series of personal stories and social content.