Wiper & True - 360º Brewery Tour


People are increasingly interested in the provenance of the products they consume. This curiosity for craft has put artisan brewing and distilling back on the map. So, what makes the perfect pint? Using the latest tech, we helped craft brewers, Wiper & True reveal their secrets from grain to glass.

The brief

Our role was to immerse craft beer lovers in the complexities of the brewing process. The aim was to bring them closer to their beloved beer. The challenge was to do this without actually going to the brewery.

Wiper and True 360
Wiper and True 360

The thinking

We considered a range of possible solutions including VR and branching. But settled on a 360º guided tour. If we couldn’t take our beer lovers to the brewery, we’d take the brewery experience to them.

The output

We navigated our way through the brewery, capturing everything from the copper tanks to a peek through the top of the mash tun, in glorious 4k. Then we used stitching software to bring our footage to life. Founders, Mikey and Al were thrilled with the content, now live online and in their tap room.