Matthew Clark - The Experience Matters


You’re a market leader. The bridge between drinks producers and local pubs. But you don’t just supply the refreshments. You offer first class customer service. So how do you let prospective customers know?

The brief

Our challenge was to produce a brand film that would showcase their extensive range of on-trend products, as well as the support, service, and insights they provide their customers. Basically, show what the Matthew Clark experience really is, and why it matters.

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The thinking

For Matthew Clark, the experience matters – 24/7. We felt the best way to demonstrate this was ‘a day in the life of’ film. With a small film crew on-site at a variety of customer venues, we could capture their involvement and dedication, around the clock.

The output

Our brand film took prospective customers on a journey through the day (and night) of typical Matthew Clark customer venues, showcasing their products and the breadth of their customer base. The film has been used online, on social media, and by the sales team to attract new business.