Malvern College: Role Models

This series of videos we created for Malvern College shows what life at the school is like, from the perspective of a variety of students.

The brief

Malvern College wanted to showcase their unique blend of academic excellence, co-curricular opportunities, empowerment, and holistic development, positioning it as a top choice or prospective students and their parents.

Girl in school uniform staring off into distance. She is wearing headphones around her neck
Girl dancing on stage, spinning with one leg outstretched

The thinking

Each role model shows how Malvern has something for every kind of student, whether they be first years or Sixth Formers, Boarders or Day Students. Hearing their personal stories about life at the school shows how Malvern stands out from the crowd, enhancing academic potential with emotional and cultural intelligence.

The output

We were met with lovely feedback - the common phrase being ‘this is so us’. Malvern College wanted to show the brilliant culture they have. It’s caring, creative, and encourages adventure and opportunity. The pupils featured are also really proud of them - which is the best feeling ever.