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Leading UK educational technology specialist, Jisc is renowned for providing digital services and solutions for its members. Aware that the way we live, learn and consume information is changing fast, they knew the education and research sector needed to adapt, to ensure new graduates were ready.

The brief

Our challenge was to make a film that would inspire and inform Jisc members about the future of learning, AKA – Education 4.0. And introduce them to the broad range of tools available via their subscription, that would equip them for the coming revolution.

Video Production Company Marketing Agency Bristol Jisc Education 4.0
Video Production Company Marketing Agency Bristol Jisc Education 4.0

The thinking

Before you can ask people to embrace change you need to explain the thinking behind it. Education 4.0 represents the biggest change in teaching and learning for a century. We felt the best way to express this was through the evolution of education over the last 100 years.

The output

Our short documentary looks at the impact of technology in learning; past, present and future. From black and white to technicolour, it embraces change, while promoting Education 4.0. So far it's had 18K organic views, with an average view-through rate of 74% (or 900 hours of brand exposure!)