Focus Entertainment - Atlas Fallen


We had the pleasure of working with Focus Entertainment to produce a trailer for the release of their highly anticipated new game, Altas Fallen.

We always know that when the phone call comes in from the team there that it’s going to be something fun.

The brief

They wanted to stand out from the crowd with a nod back to the video game ads of the 90s, a mixture of live action and gameplay. Those ads were always pretty ‘out there’ and quite daring. The phrase ‘if you know, you know’ is applicable here – these ads may not mean much to the average onlooker, but to the fans, it’s so exciting.

The thinking

We toyed with the idea of making the trailer in Unreal Engine but ultimately we decided it just had to be in real life - it really needed to look realistic and immersive, so there could be no trace of anything digital that would shatter the illusion.

The output

Three days of filming at Sandstorm Studios resulted in a brilliant outcome, thanks to the creative spontaneity of our director, a perfect performance from our actor, and attention to detail from the whole crew.