Digifest - Where will your mind take you?

Charity/NGO | Education

Where will technology take us? And how will it transform the way we teach and learn? Our interactive opener for Jisc’s annual Digifest event took attendees on a thought provoking journey into the future to find out.

The brief

There were two parts to our challenge. First, we had to produce an engaging and interactive opener for Digifest 2020, which would set the scene for the 2-day event. Second, we had to ensure the highest ROI for Jisc. So, whatever we produced for the event had to work for them after it too.

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Jisc Digifest 2020

The thinking

This was more than just a film. We needed a visual theme that would work with the client’s vision and push the limits of what an event opener could be. Inspired by BT's Halo advert and the film 'Mr Robot', we wanted to combine an edgy-neon look with an authentic and inspiring spoken word narrative.

The output

Featuring a local spoken word artist, performing directly to camera, our event opener was a real spine tingler. It was shown at Digifest and streamed live as online content. After the event, we re-cut the spoken word section of the film to support a current key focus of the organisation.