BANES - Walking Bus Animation


What if the school run was more fun, less congested and kinder to the environment? In a bid to cut down traffic and pollution, the sustainable transport department at Bath and North East Somerset Council (BANES) proposed an initiative to get families out of their cars and on to their feet.

The brief

Our role was to help BANES council bring their Walking Bus initiative to life. We were asked to create assets for a toolkit, including video and animation, that would drive awareness, encourage enrolment and ultimately inspire action. So how did we get the locals on board?

Video Production Company Marketing Agency Bristol The Thinking
Video Production Company Marketing Agency Bristol The output

The thinking

If we could inspire the children, they’d persuade their parents to take part. So, the films in our toolkit had to appeal to both audiences. And they had to inspire them to take part. Using animation and a series of talking head interviews, we achieved both.

The output

The content we produced, alongside campaigning by BrightKidz, BANES council and TravelWest, was a success. It made a big impression on the pupils of one local school, with nearly all of them on board with the walking bus. And Somerset Live, who covered the Clean Air Day commute in the press.