Video Marketing Trends of 2022

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With videos continuing to be the most popular form of communication online, video marketing has grown to be an essential asset for businesses. There are thousands of ways to reach your target audience through video, but how do you keep up with the latest trends? We’ve put together a list of what trends we see that will definitely be popular in the new year.

Video Marketing Trends Live Video

1. Live Video

Did you know people are three times more likely to watch videos longer when the content is live? Live stream allows users to feel connected to the brand through experiencing the content in real time. The trend grew immensely in 2020 as in-person events were put on hold and people were missing human interaction. While most videos are pre-record and have different benefits, live content builds the relationship between the user and the brand through sharing the same experience at the same time. People want to be a part of something and live content allows them to through engaging with brands in an unique way.

2. Brand Storytelling

We have all heard thousands of facts and statistics from videos that we actually don’t even remember. With numerous ways to share your brand through video marketing, brand storytelling is by far the best. As the most popular way of video marketing and most effective way to connect with customers, brand storytelling continues to skyrocket as the top trend as people love a good story. Having something to relate to and learning more about the brand through a story, especially one that provokes emotion, customers are more attracted to the brand and will have much better recall on what they brand is than a simple statistic.
Video Marketing Trends Brand Storytelling
Video Marketing Trends Social Media Stories

3. Social Media Stories

Speaking of stories, the option to share social media stories have grown greatly over the past two years. Through polls, Q&A features and much more, stories are a great way to increase interaction with customers that helps the brand get to know the audience while also getting the audience to connect with the brand. Reflecting the brand’s personality, social media stories are a more casual approach making the viewer feel they are a part of the brand. While more professional strategies have their own advantages, social media stories are a prominent way to build interaction that continues to draw more attention.

4. Silent Videos

Believe it or not, people don’t like videos that have intense or loud music. Actually, 85% of Facebook users don’t watch videos with the sound on. Though audio greatly supports video marketing, people are now choosing to listen without sound. While users are watching on the bus, when with family or even in a conference meeting, brands are starting to optimise videos for silent viewing. Most business have added closed caption as a quick fix to making videos easier to understand without sound. Although the trend is a bit odd, people seem to enjoy videos even without their sound on.
Video Marketing Trends 2022 No Sound
Video Marketing Trends 2022 Human Connection

5. Humanise Videos

When dealing with brands, the human behind the business is sometimes lost. People don’t get to see the personal side of the business and therefore lose that humanistic connection. Opting for a more personal, humanistic approach through video marketing makes the brand authentic causing more viewers to relate and trust the brand. In fact, users are drawn in by faces, especially smiles, and are more likely to watch a video if actual people are in it. Going hand in hand in storytelling, people have a much more positive response to a more realistic and “human” video that they can relate to and understand easier than a more robotic, less personal content.

6. Longer Content

Although many social media platforms originally only offered short videos for users, there has been a new trend for longer content. With major social media brands changing now to provide a longer time option for content, people want to see longer videos. This trend allows brands literally more time to grab the audiences attention. People want to see more and longer videos give them that. However, the key is making sure the long video is interesting enough for them to keep their attention for the extend time.
Video Marketing Trends 2022 Long videos