BBC & Aardman Film Combines Animation and Virtual Reality
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BBC R&D and Aardman Studios have released an animated virtual reality experience, to create a dramatic depiction of migrants making the journey from Turkey to Greece on smugglers boat. The ‘We Wait’ video combines a unique viewing platform and Aardman-quality animation to take this story to a new level. Watching it you feel as if you’re there with them on the boat, feeling the stress and disorientation of the real-life situation. It’s a great example of using the strengths of virtual reality to make a message cut through the noise and come to life.

Since the launch of Occulus Rift was released in March, many brands and companies have attempted to use virtual reality as a new messaging platform, we’ve seen Coca Cola’s virtual reality sleigh ride, Boursin’s trip through the fridge and a Volvo test drive – we are excited to see what new ideas come out next that make the most of VR. How would you use VR to communicate your brand or company message?


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