Why video is best tool to engage potential students…
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When creating content for a particular demographic, marketers must first ask themselves – what sets this group apart? What do this crowd engage with more readily than any other?

The age demographic of 18-25 year olds has always represented the most numerous, frequent, and active of all social media users. Though still the top demographic for Facebook, there has long been a trend of younger users moving en masse away from the social giant, showing a 9.9% drop in 2017. This does not mark a move away from social media, rather recent reports have shown a huge surge toward image-based social medias. Pew Research found that a huge 78% of 18-24 year olds regularly use Snapchat compared to 54% of 25-29 year olds, with similar patterns being seen across Instagram and Pinterest.

Video: Suited & Booted Studios’ 2019 University Showreel

What does this mean for content developers? In short, millennials are demonstrating in their millions a shift in preference from text to image-based medias, accessing content through video rich platforms. Students expect to be served video as part of the daily decision-making process – if it doesn’t have a video to watch they will likely not engage with the brand. If you tailor your video content in the right way when connecting with students, you will influence their behaviour to interact with or buy from your brand. With informed content development driven by the correct research for the demographic and their behaviour, you will ensure your content connects with and influences your audience.

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