Why science and tech companies need video to engage customers
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Filming in a science lab

As a Science or Tech company you are looking to explain concepts, both simple and complex. Whether you are producing videos to market your cutting-edge product line or as an engaging means of walking your customer through your service, video is an invaluable tool to demonstrate and explain complex messages. Video’s strength as a tool to aid comprehension is undeniable; a study by Wyzowl recently reported that an incredible 97% of marketers said that video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service. This kind of instant imparting of practical knowledge translates to positive figures down the line, with the same sample of marketers reporting that using video at an early stage reduced support queries by 47%, the long-term results were reported as a 76% increase in sales.

We at Suited and Booted know that this kind of effective and informative video is only possible with incisive research. Determining exactly what it is your customers want to see will inform your video strategy, allowing you to create the best content you can to move forward. With a long professional history in the science, manufacturing and technology sector, we can help you precisely and simply explain complex issues, systems, and strategies to customers in a short period of time, giving you complete control over the story you tell. Science, Tech, and Pharma companies often have vital processes and equipment that are difficult to film or visualise. Animation is a great way to overcome this. Whether it’s a new medicine or the workings of the latest high-tech equipment – animation can bring it to life, providing engaging, informative insight for the customer.

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