“The One Moment” Combines OK Go & Morton Salt Messages
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It’s rare for a band to stir up more excitement for their music videos than their songs, but since that treadmill sequence some 11 years ago, Ok Go have found themselves here. In ‘The One Moment’, we see a blast of 325 events happen in 4.2 seconds, which are then replayed over the music track in extreme slow-motion, resulting in stunning bursts of colour and instruments.

A music video from Ok Go is now almost guaranteed to become a viral hit online – and if you look a little deeper here (or watch the video till the end) you’ll see that this is in fact an advertisement for Morton Salt’s “Walk Her Walk” campaign, a movement that aims to inspire positive change. The “her” in this case is the young girl in the logo for the salt company, and the colourful explosions in the video are made of salt. This is a great example of how a well-made video can really kick-start a marketing campaign.

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