The Influence of Video Content on International Student Recruitment
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The idea of studying abroad is an incredibly exciting one that many students around the world consider. However, it can also be an overwhelming prospect.

Which country should I travel to?

Which university should I attend?

Which program should I enroll in?

It requires a lot of effort to find information that is powerful enough to inspire them to take action and make decisions!

As part of their marketing and recruitment strategies, universities often utilise social media to reach prospective students from around the world, but many miss out on a key tool that is fast becoming one of the most influential on students’ decision to study abroad – video content!

According to’s recent survey of over 20,000 students, 64% said that YouTube as a platform had helped influence their decision on where and what to study abroad.

Additionally, in Northern Europe, prospective students now are 100% more likely than those who have studied abroad in the past to cite video content as a major influence.

This highlights just how important (and effective) incorporating video content into your university’s marketing plan is becoming!

At Suited & Booted, we create inspiring and engaging video content that works in tandem with your university’s marketing and recruitment strategies. Get in touch to talk through your next video project.



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