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It is worth noting than approximately 75% of business executives watch at least one work-related video each week, and 54% of senior executives share at least one work-related video with colleagues every week.

Internal Communications don’t need to put your staff to sleep or remain another unread email. Just imagine if you sent round a short video on your company’s latest policy or you showed all the workers across your organisation your latest product? Internal Communications should be a chance to engage and interact with your team, no matter how large your organisation. With proper internal video communication you can provide personal and unparalleled clarity, keeping your staff as excited about your products and the service you provide as you are. Whether it’s an update about the chief exec, vital Health and Safety information or important news about organisational change, video production is an excellent way of keeping your team connected.

From induction videos that can sit within a Power Point presentation, to a video that shares new product information on your company intranet, we have the experience you need to create the piece you want at a realistic cost. Talk to us about how what we do can help you stay in touch with your staff, whoever and wherever they are.

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