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At Suited & Booted Studios we can offer you a professional and experienced team to film your live event or conference.

You may want to film the event or conference for live social or publicity purposes, or to act as a document of the day. You may want to stream those key note speeches to a wider audience or to capture feedback from attendees on the day. Our team have experience in filming at a wide range of events, from science conferences to music festivals; from educational conferences to fashion week; from marathons to theatre performances. We know that event and conference filming isn’t like most other productions. We understand there are no second chances and our capable team have the experience to make sure we work with you to capture your event.

Working with Suited & Booted Studios to film your event can give you the edge. We know that every conference or event is unique and we can work with you to produce creative video content that is in keeping with the feel of your event. As full online coverage of an event will often need more than just one attractive video, our team are always ready to provide versatile, multi-platform content within your specific timeframe. Want your conference to feel like a festival?  Then why not produce a film that echoes this? Need it fast? You can have the event filmed and with edited highlights on your website within 24hrs.  If that’s not enough, in some situations we can also offer you a live streaming facility straight to your social media platforms.

By tailoring your filming requirements to your event we can work within your timescales. For instance, in a 2 day event you may want to show a highlights package at the end of the closing event.  We can bring an editor on site to edit as the event is running to make this happen. Alternately, you may be running an event over a long period, such as a year of activities.  We can work with you throughout this time to produce a film that documents this entire period of activity.

If you would like to talk about event or conference filming, please give us a call. Email Us | +44 (0)1225 338294

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