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Branded Content has been on the rise worldwide, with brands like Dove and Redbull putting more and more of their marketing budgets into socially progressive campaigns and wild stunts. However, with no obvious products shown and not conforming to normal advert styles, why opt for branded content?

Branded Content has become a useful part of any broader video marketing campaign for lots of reasons. First is its ability to publicise your brand and its values while not only circumventing ad-blocking technology, but also encouraging a customer base to actively seek out the content on merit of the content and on brand perception alone. Branded content is a useful step to make the most of a strong, core customer base, building PR and brand perception within the community and beyond while making a difference or having a little fun.

We love working on branded content videos as it gives both you and our team the opportunity to really use our collective creative talents. Branded content at its best can be visually beautiful, emotionally powerful, creatively stimulating, and do what we do best and Suited & Booted Studios – become an interesting story, beautifully told.

Find out how we can tell your brand’s story by getting in contact with us, for anything from a quote for a potential project to a chat about what we can do for you. Email Us | +44 (0)1225 338294

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