Matthew Clark Wine Event
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In mid-March, a team of 4 of our intrepid crew went off to document one of the biggest wine events of the year. They spent the day surrounded by a selected range of over 400 fine wines and champagnes with strict instructions not to sample anything until the shoot was over. 

The event took place at the fantastic Tobacco House in East London. Built in the early 19th century, this venue was restored in late 2012. Now with great lighting and lot’s of room, Tobacco House has space for all sort of exhibitions, conferences and dinners and made for a unique backdrop for the days filming.

Having shot footage for Matthew Clark in the past, we knew their team would be easy to work with and helpful when it came to arranging and filming of the day. For us, nothing beats working in a collaboration with a client that knows what they want and is happy to brief and then let Suited and Booted use our expertise to meet that brief.

We sent one crew member down on the Sunday to assist with setting up and to scope out the space. Then the big day of filming was on the Tuesday. The day saw over 1000 customers come through the door – a brilliant turnout! With each room holding a different type of wine, the day was jam packed making sure we got everything in. The Matthew Clark motto is ‘The Experience Matters’ and we really wanted to capture this on film.

We thoroughly enjoyed this shoot. The crew did get to sample a couple of wines and assured us back at base that this was after they had finished filming…

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