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We are thrilled to be working with our friends at JISC again to document Digifest 2014. Jisc are the UK’s expert on digital technologies for education and research and are a registered charity.

The team had 3 days in Birmingham gathering footage from every aspect of the festival from the exhibitors set up to the very final moments.

We were able to be constantly filming the conferences and workshops with a team of 7 filmmakers. Jamie our editing God was holed up in a temporary editing suite producing several packages of the highlights from various areas of the festival. These short films were up on the Digifest site at the end of each day. He also created an over all Digifest highlights film that was screened at the conference roundup session. That film is now available on their website –  http://www.jisc.ac.uk/digifest

Jisc Digifest not only showcases the best digital talent in the UK, but provides great networking opportunities. The festival aims to inspire digital creativity and it was a fantastic place to film and explore. The team wanted to give the film a festival feel – and boy did they do that! Our crew approached the event as if filming a festival whilst ensuring that key themes and messages were recorded for future use by Jisc.
It was a fascinating event with speakers and exhibitors showing off so many innovative ideas and technology to inspire the delegates with potentially new ways of working. On top of that it is also a chance to inform people about possible technologies of the future.

For us it was a great chance to find out about what technology is changing within higher and further education which informs our work within this sector. The team at Jisc Digifest were so helpful that while we worked some crazily long hours it didn’t feel like work at all.

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