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Internal communications within a busy company like Suited and Booted are a vital way of keeping up with changes within the business and making sure that all members of staff know exactly what is going on.

Like most businesses, we rely on email as our main method of communicating with each other, especially when crews are out filming. We also use a project management system that allows us to update projects and set task lists in real time. 

Our internal communication needs are relatively straightforward, often a shout up the stairs to the editing studio is all that is needed! Communication inside an organisation is as important as external communications. Intranets used by large organisations can become stale. Staff can assume that they know what’s going on and fail to engage with subjects that are vital to business effectiveness but can come over as rather dry, like Health and Safety information.

At Suited and Booted we are aware of more complex internal communications needs of larger companies and organisations. We are developing a portfolio of options for clients that enables them to make their internal communications compelling and effective.

Using film as a method of internal communications can greatly help influence and inform colleagues and employees about changes within your organisation.

In 2013, Suited and Booted worked with the large housing organisation Curo on an ambitious internal comms film for their annual Spotlight Awards. The film raised awareness of staff awards, gave the diverse teams across the business a real sense of how their work is interconnected and allowed everyone the opportunity to get to know a something about the people they could vote for. The film also served as an effective internal marketing tool, enabling staff to feel proud of the support they offer to the housing association’s tenants.

Large, diverse organisations can have a huge amount of email traffic, making it difficult for individual employees to prioritise internal messages. A five minute film is effective because it works on several communication channels, stands out amongst the ‘noise’ of other communications and can be easily viewed time and again. Films can be easily hosted on an organisations intranet and used for training and staff induction.

Suited and Booted understand the importance in connecting with and communicating to the people that you work with. We work hard to find out what your communication challenges are, listen carefully to what you want to achieve and create bespoke solutions that really work. Whilst in our office a shout up the stairs often meets our internal comms needs, we know how to create engaging and informative films that will meet yours.

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