Interactive video – 4 stunning examples of the new video tech
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We here at Suited and Booted are always looking to find new ways for audience to engage with our content. Whether it’s through creating 3D worlds in 360˚ video or even simply using the unique features a platform can offer to their full, finding new ways to tell a story can never be a bad thing. That’s why we here can’t get enough of the new and forward-thinking ways interactive video is being used to keep its viewership plugged in and switched on across every sector. From corporate training videos to interactive children’s storytelling, these videos are doing wonders for storytellers looking to keep all eyes on them.


Earth 2045


This interactive video from SPP, one of Sweden’s largest pension companies, integrates a relatively simple yet effective hook of including a slider across the player that allows the viewer to compare two different videos side by side that depict potential futures dependant on environmental responsibility. It sounds complicated but in practice the video provided an elegantly simple method of showing a branched narrative, showing the viewer the two potential outcomes of a contemporary choice. This duality is shown in almost every aspect of the video, with the studio even linking two audio tracks to the visualised bar so as to give the ‘bad’ future a clutte

red, industrial ambience and the ‘good’ future a clean, relaxed atmosphere.

Linda Elers, partner at ad agency M&C Saatchi, said that the goal for the video was to ‘[make] the connection 

between saving and sustainability here in Sweden’, as ‘for SSP sustainability is such a huge part of the brand’. On the interactive elements of the video she said ‘It’s hard to imagine yourself in 30 years’ time, so we though the slider would be good way of really showing how the choices we make today will determine whether we live in a utopian or dystopian future’. The slider was not without its issues however, as due to technical issue the interactive elements resulted in the video not being supported on both YouTube and mobile platforms. A compromise was made to create a lite iPad version where the slider instead jumps between the two, however this version was only released to the Swedish market. To view SPP’s Earth 2045 casefilm, click here.


Ted Baker Mission Impeccable


In 2016 high-street fashion brand Ted Baker released their 007-themed AW16 campaign ‘Mission Impeccable’ with an interactive, actively shoppable short produced by Guy Richie. Starring models and mannequins showcasing the majority of the figurehead pieces from the collection, the video encourages the viewer to click an icon when certain clothes are on screen allowing them to instantly add the clothing to the shopping cart. This live-shopping functionality appears to be popular at the brand, with their SS17 collection ‘Meet the Bakers’, a campaign themed around 50’s suburbia, also incorporating the technique marking their 4th use of shoppable video in live campaigns.


Ted Baker are no strangers to being ahead of the video curve, with videos like their 360˚ Keeping Up With the Bakers promo or their Winter Accessories showcase featuring two models dressing backwards showing they are not afraid to be ambitious in their digital efforts. The videos seem to have done well for the brand, and while official figures have not been released communications director Craig Smith credits the videos for being a driving force behind sales. However, Smith went on to say that ‘We wouldn’t have done it just to sell more products because there are simpler ways to do that that aren’t as interesting’ and that the videos were designed to ‘push the brand and get excited about the things we’re doing’.


Mended Little Hearts – Give A Fuller Life

The children’s charity Mended Little Hearts launched a new campaign in 2017 titled ‘Give a Fuller Life’, aimed at showing the viewer exactly the cause and effect of how donating to the organisation can give children with CHD a greater lease on life. The interactive video initially shows an animated young boy walking across a blank screen with an annotation saying ‘Pledge to make Max’s life fuller’. The viewer can then ‘unlock’ more layers of the video by pledging according to a sliding scale from 0-20 dollars, filling in Max’s world with a colourful city scene surrounded by friends and animals. Though a simple idea, the video’s functionality quickly and purely conveys the message of the video that even a small donation can bring a big change to the lives of children with heart disease.


Philips Click & Style


With a brief set to ‘introduce young European men to the style possibilities afforded by the Philips Click & Style electric razor’ without having to download an app, Rapt Media’s innovative interactive video player was the perfect tool for this advert. The video allows the viewer to see how a young man’s night on the town could be different depending on his facial hair via the option to click on different beards. This is followed by a plug for the Philips razor used in the video with shoppable links offering more information on the product, with the video supposedly having over a thousand variations.


With a strong focus on mobile accessibility and targeting a predominantly mobile demographic, the video appears to have been very successful. 65% of viewers watched the video on an iPhone or Android device and the average mobile interactive video viewing time was over a whopping 4 minutes, averaging 3 to 4 interactions per viewer. For actual ROI the video made a phenomenal impact, with Philips selling 16 percent more click and style razors than initially projected in Germany, and with a reported 6 percent improved purchase consideration for the razor. The campaign has since been revived with a new storyline (stubble) and is looking to be an ongoing staple in Philips’ promotional efforts.

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