No Harm Done – Things Can Change
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No Harm Done – Things Can Change
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No Harm Done

Commissioned by YoungMinds, Charlie Waller Memorial Trust and The Royal College of Psychiatrists

In a Nutshell.

The client required a series of films to engage young people, parents and professionals who are effected by self-harming to form the backbone of the No Harm Done resource pack created to help people get through self harm and assist them in coming out the other side.

Our Approach.

Working with a group of young people effected by self-harming we established that the films should have a positive ‘light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel’ message and had to feel “truthful” and real.  As creative’s we knew that by creating a piece of work that was visually beautiful the audience would feel the issue was being taken seriously.

While each film was aimed at a different audience we needed them to have cohesion so used the metaphor of a journey to reflect the journey that people effected by self-harm go through within each film. The shooting style was simple, clean and stripped back and we used sunrises, moving out of the darkness, bright colours, to symbolise looking towards the future.  Underneath the images we used interviews with young people, parents and professionals who had been or were affected by the issues surrounding self-harm.  Using these interviews meant the film didn’t skirt around the issue, it dealt with it head on.

The Result.

The film series messaging was consistent with the resource pack campaign, helping to reinforce the key concepts that needed to be communicated. The charities launched it on their sites, through social media, and utilising their own networks. The videos have already generated a lot of engagement and are steadily being shared and viewed by the right audiences.

With such a delicate subject it is essential that time was taken to target the right audiences, and to connect with those that are looking for that beacon of hope, which the film series continue to do.

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