Expedia’s Dream Adventures – An Example of 360 Content
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Expedia’s ‘Dream Adventures’ campaign brought travel to life for St Jude Hospital patients, and demonstrated an excellent use of 360 filming.

This beautiful project brought travel dreams to life for patients who weren’t able to travel by using 360 filming in real time in a number of dream destinations. It allowed the patients to feel as if they were really there, stroking wild horses, digging up dinosaurs and playing with monkeys. For us it shows that 360 filming is about choosing the right content to work with your media and not about just using the latest technology. As the novelty of 360 wears off, videos that give us a compelling reason to look all around us will be the ones to stand out from the crowd.

For more information about the fantastic work that Expedia’s ‘Dream Adventures’ are doing, head to their website –

You can also check out Expedia at –

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