Engage your clients with video
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To produce engaging content for your client, you need to know both your consumer and their brand inside and out. 81% of businesses currently use video as a marketing tool, with a further 12% predicted to take up the format in 2019. The sheer quantity of competition that video content is faced with, means you need to know exactly who your audience is and what they will engage with. For your content to be most potent, you must not only control what your consumer sees, but where, when, and how they see it. A well-positioned video creates a space for you alone to talk directly to your consumer – what you tell them is down to you.

We at S&B studios have years of experience getting the right videos seen by the right people. With thorough consumer research, a content strategy can be developed that allows your message to be delivered through a medium and platform that will connect with your demographic. Customised content that is tailored to cut through the fog will promote meaningful, organic engagement with your consumers’ communities, exponentially increasing your ROI and firmly positioning you ahead of your competitors. With a multi-platform, integrated content strategy, your message can be delivered concurrently across multiple social channels and blogs, allowing your message to reach its full potential.

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