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Last year journalist Michael Wolff wrote a book called “television is the new television”. What did he mean? “All screens are essentially a television screen,” Wolff stated. “What’s the result? More people are watching more television than ever before.” Given this, it makes sense that TV advertising is a better way of advertising your brand than it has ever been before.

The way and “where” we watch TV is what’s changed. We’re watching slightly less “live” TV and far more social media, Youtube and Subscription Video on demand (SVOD) – on platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Sky. This doesn’t mean that video adverts are no longer relevant. In fact, the opposite is true, they’re more relevant than ever because there are more platforms and bigger audiences. The reach for your brand is far greater than ever before and your audience can be targeted more specifically because of all the data available. If you want to reach 40-50-year-old men who’re interested in wildlife that’s now possible. Here’s a breakdown of media audiences for different platforms.










Of the 65% watching video (on any given platform) here’s a breakdown of how/ where they’re watching it…

The expansion in platforms on which to view video is a huge shift from the pre-smartphone era. Not only can it feel confusing and complex (does each platform require different content? Do you need to have a presence on all of them?) It also means that your audience can be cherry-picked and targeted – your potential audience is larger.

And maybe you’re not Brewdog and placing your ad in the break of Game of Thrones is not an option, but their latest ad goes to show that you don’t need to spend an enormous mound of money to create a clever advert.

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